Mud marathon of Schermerhorn 2007


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Sunday the 8 of July it happens again. The mud marathon of Schermerhorn started. Dennis was over from America. He did the run and took a tremendous amount of pictures. His focus was recognizability. The last years the organizaton of Schermerhorn has problems with people, whose claim to have participated, whiles they didn't. The number of participants according job application forms is much more than the number of participants. In the future the real heroes can proof their participation with pictures of Dennis.



Several other mudlovers has attended too. Erik came from Belgium. He did the run and completed three rounds in jeans. When walking around the rest of the day, he become in clean clothes spontaneous embraced by a participant. He was quiet dirty afterwards but still recognizable. Even when he to the very end did some ditches. The speaker recognized him when he crossed the finish line for the second time that day. Besides he was the one who pushed me in the muddiest ditch. I wear the clothes I have to go home in (Jeans, tshirt, shirt, jacket, etc.). The water car of the fire-men was empty at that moment. We did a plunge in the canal to clean up somewhat.



The wheather was beautiful. Especially the groups had a nice participation. The seniors were not very special this year. So to the end of their head I ask Ton to take is camera and take some pictures, when I crossed a ditch in all my clothes. Within a moment a dozen photographs arrive.  I was somewhat overdressed again wearing jeans, tshirt, shirt, sweeter and body warmer. The coolness of the muddy water was more then welcome. It was thrill to cover them all with nice thin mud.



This year several new organizers start a mud run. Ton likes the 'drekrees' in Schipluiden very much. I got some mail from Akersloot and Noordwijkerhout. They got my address from Schermerhorn. Ton and I were in Akersloot both and took a lot of pictures in beautiful light. I had to participate myself. But because there was only one group they decided to do a demonstration run first. They all were in long trousers. Some of the other single participants did the demonstration too. So I could take some pictures. In Akersloot there was a special run for the youth. After all Ton and did some fully clothed fouling around in the muddiest ditch.



Ton wasn't in Noordwijkerhout, because he wasn't on the list. A running club did a special with a run through ditches.  I was in fully clothed in jeans, thsirt, shirts and jumper. Half of the trail was sandy the other muddy. Especially the small ditches were difficult to pass there. The mud was more then a meter. You become stick in the mud and the only way to get out was crawling full length in the mud. The nice and shiny mud was all over me.



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